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The Preferred Customer Financing Option for eCommerce Platforms

Integrate InvoiceMe, a tool within Credit as a Service® , to offer Net 30 terms to online B2B buyers.

eCommerce Platforms and B2B Marketplaces, credit application for business, customer financing

InvoiceMe, a B2B eCommerce Payment Option

InvoiceMe allows your B2B buyers to pay by invoice and request Net 30 terms for online purchases.

The InvoiceMe plug-in delivers automated credit decisions within 30 seconds on credit lines up to $250,000, enabling credit application approvals and purchases in the same session.

InvoiceMe for eCommerce Platforms

Our Credit as a Service plug-in for eCommerce platforms enables merchants to preserve working capital while extending risk-free credit to buyers, and offer a frictionless buying experience emulating those in found in B2C. MSTS extends credit on your behalf, guaranteeing payment in as little as two days, while simultaneously relieving you of time-consuming back-end A/R processes like billing, collections and customer service, all white-labeled to your brand. Make it work for your buyers on platforms like Magento and BigCommerce.

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InvoiceMe for B2B Marketplaces

Expand your marketplace infrastructure and provide a progressive ecosystem with more payment options and a sophisticated solution like CaaS. Credit as a Service enables buyers to pay using their preferred method — an invoice. InvoiceMe, a tool within CaaS, streamlines the user experience, while also increasing conversion rates and average order volume, freeing up working capital and simplifying cash-flow for sellers. logo

Enhance the Customer Experience

Improve purchasing experiences by extending Net 30 Terms, increasing cart conversions and average order volume.


Onboard and Underwrite Instantly

Empower buyers with automated onboarding and credit decisions that allow them to begin purchasing immediately.


Reduce Cost
and Risk

Eliminate risk by using our capital at rates 30% less than credit cards.

CaaS API Documentation

Integrating Credit as a Service into eCommerce platforms has never been easier. We use REST APIs and offer tools developers need to enable their businesses to quickly offer Net 30 terms in B2B marketplaces. Once integrated, businesses can extend terms at checkout, load our credit application directly on their website, and offer buyer onboarding and instant approval, up to $250,000, in under 30 seconds.

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