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Technology Partners: B2B Payment Solutions Made Simple

Our partners allow us to work seamlessly with existing systems and agencies, providing more opportunities to grow your business. Subscribe today to stay up to date.

B2B Payment Solutions Made Simple


Modernizing your B2B payments solution doesn’t mean you need to eliminate your current system or learn a new one. Credit as a Service® connects to your legacy systems through APIs including ERP, CRM, eCommerce platforms and POS.



We partner with trusted eCommerce platforms like Magento, building plug-ins to simplify integrating Credit as a Service’s alternative payment tool, InvoiceMe, with your current platform. Our eCommerce partners make B2B payments easy for your buyers at checkout.

Digital Agencies

Digital Agencies

With the support of our digital agency partners, we help solidify your market presence as a B2B business. We assist in developing eCommerce strategies with partners like Elastic Path, Episerver, BigCommerce and Magento. We’ll even help you through the business redesign process.

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