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B2B Payments

B2B Payments Built for Scalability & Growth

Give your business buyers the ability to choose invoicing at checkout with real-time authorization across all sales channels.

Computer screen and phone screen with Vortex using TreviPay checkout
Picture of an invoice

Simplify Invoice
to Pay

Meet buyer invoicing requirements with supporting Level 3 data.

Image frictionless CX


Reduce disputes with integrated purchase controls and support for a better customer experience.

Image increase AOV & LTV


Giving your customers trade credit and net terms increases spend and loyalty.

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Easy to

Simple, well-documented APIs make it easy to connect your eCommerce platforms, accounting software or payment gateway.

An invoice with using TreviPay platform

B2B Payment Rails

Built to support a seamless purchasing experience for business buyers from Enterprises to SMBs.

  • Check Invoice per purchase
  • Check Line items with SKU-level data
  • Check Configurable terms per buyer
  • Check Parent/child invoicing
  • Check A/P system integrations

Your Customer, Your Brand

Your customers trust your brand. When paying with TreviPay, your customers can be assured of a consistent brand and customer experience throughout the entire user journey.

  • Check Payment method branding
  • Check Invoice branding
  • Check Buyer and Seller portals
  • Check Customer communications and notifications
Image how you can improve the brand and customer experience with TreviPay
A circle with TreviPay logo in middle. Around this logo images that are linked to omnichannel


Your business buyers can purchase with TreviPay on all of your sales channels.

  • Check eCommerce
  • Check Marketplace
  • Check Offline/Salesperson assisted
  • Check In-store with mobile payment app or branded card

Launch Your Net Terms Payment Method Quickly

Our technology is built for rapid deployment and compatibility with your business tools.

  • Check Simple APIs
  • Check Pre-built plugins: Adobe/Magento, BigCommerce, NetSuite, Mirakl, Quickbooks and more …
  • Check Developer Portal
Image how you can create a payment with TreviPay
Invoice using TreviPay's automated purchase controls and contract pricing

Automated Purchase Controls & Contract Pricing

Reduce friction for you and your buyers with controls that ensure consistent pricing and helpful reconciliation data.

  • Check Real-time authorization
  • Check Define and enforce contract pricing across a dealer network
  • Check PO number and other buyer defined data included on invoice for easy reconciliation

Resources for B2B Business Growth

Launching TreviPay B2B Payments helps your customer’s cash flow without impacting yours.