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The Credit as a Service Difference

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Money should move as fast as your business. Unfortunately, high costs, limited payment options and inefficient processes often leave B2B commerce lagging. It’s time to bring B2B commerce into the digital world — and you can trust Credit as a Service® (CaaS) to do just that.

Powered by robust payment and credit solutions, CaaS is a suite of tools strategically designed to enhance the B2B purchasing experience and improve buyer-seller relationships.

In this CaaS tip sheet, you’ll find:

  • Top B2B Commerce pain points you may be feeling and how CaaS will address them
  • An overview of our Credit as a Service (CaaS) solution that supports the unique needs of today’s B2B buyers
  • Why our technology stands out

Partner with MSTS to experience the benefits of reduced costs, mitigated financial and security risks, and increased sales and revenue growth.

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