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Offer Net Terms for Marketplace Buyers

Keep transactions on your platform by catering to the needs of B2B customers.

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FinTech enabled Marketplaces are the future of B2B purchasing.

The network effects native to marketplaces bring buyers and sellers together, making them a convenient way to purchase for business. As more B2B transactions move onto these platforms, a payments infrastructure that supports B2B relationships will become mission critical. Offering net terms for marketplace transactions will keep sales on the platform and enable buyers to place larger orders. Credit as a Service® (CaaS) from MSTS makes this possible.

How does it work?

Open APIs and easy integrations allow marketplaces to extend credit terms at checkout in seconds. MSTS provides credit lines, guarantees payment, and manages all billing, collections and customer service.

Using cloud-based software, CaaS provides online, instant onboarding and automated credit decisions up to $250,000 USD. Credit lines are dynamic, automatically adjusting based on buying patterns. CaaS can meet the unique billing requirements of buyers, breaking down the internal barriers that limit purchasing to traditional sales channels.

Credit as a Service is an seamless way for marketplaces to rise above the competition and create a better buying experiences. Let’s schedule a call to determine how CaaS can help you scale your marketplace.