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Keep Receivables Safe with Credit Insurance Alternative

Outsource Credit Management and Protect Against Non-Payment

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Credit Insurance Costs Outweigh the Protection

Credit insurance might seem like the right choice when it comes to protection against bad debt. But, did you know that credit insurance often doesn't cover every account necessary? And, policies can be expensive due to an annual deductible, a per loss deductible, and a minimum dollar loss threshold. Not to mention the annual credit insurance premium.

Credit as a Service® Gets You Paid Faster

Credit as a Service (CaaS) from MSTS allows you to offer flexible, branded credit lines to your customers, freeing up working capital and accelerating order to cash. With CaaS, you get paid by MSTS quickly and can focus on growing your business and let MSTS chase down late payments.

How does it work?

Receivables and revenue are one and the same with CaaS. The CaaS solution provides buyers with automated credit decisions up to $250,000 and account set-up, all in under 30 seconds. And, you receive guaranteed payment from MSTS in as little as 48 hours. MSTS owns the receivables from your buyers so you can rest easy knowing there's no risk of bad debt.

Plus, our transaction fees are 30% less than credit cards.

The benefits don’t end with lower fees. MSTS will generate invoices on the seller’s behalf and MSTS’ collection team will step in to chase payments freeing up your AR team.

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