Fuel Card


Fueling the American Dream

In 1978, a former fleet owner believed there had to be a better way for a driver to pay for fuel than a pocket fuel of cash and oil cards. From that belief came Multi Service Fuel Card, which not only gave fleet owners cash price at the pump, but account oversight and control like never experienced before.

Today Multi Service Fuel Card is accepted at more than 4,900 locations and has been a trusted partner for fleets across the United States and Canada. It’s time to run with the Powerful Card®.

How Does It Work?


Class 7-8 Solution

Designed for over-the-road long-haul drivers who primarily fuel at truck stop-style locations near freeway interchanges, the Multi Service OTR Card is your answer for any Class 7-8 vehicles in your fleet.


Class 1-6 Solution

The Multi Service LOCAL Card is your answer for any Class 1-6 vehicles in your fleet (vans, cars, trucks, etc.) that require fueling (gas or diesel) at service stations or convenience stores in the area you service.