The Multi Service Solution

UATP was first issued in 1936 and has the distinction of being the first ever charge card offered in any marketplace; thus all accounts begin with the number “1”.

UATP is a payment network owned by airlines across the globe whose network membership affords them a variety of benefits. The UATP network allows Issuing airlines to issue corporate charge cards to its corporate customers. The card, lodged or virtual account can be used for ticket and related purchases at airlines, travel agencies, select hotels and rail networks globally.

The Multi Service Solution

Multi Service Bill Plus, in partnership with UATP, provides underwriting, risk management, customer billing support and collection services to UATP issuing airlines. We help these airlines reduce administration costs, increase revenue potential from their UATP program, improve cash flow and sell more to commercial customers without the receivables risk and cost of supporting a UATP program internally.

Our Unique Advantage

Multi Service Bill Plus provides airlines the opportunity to benefit from being a UATP Issuer without the risks and costs of operating the program in-house. We enable these airlines to focus on what they do best: selling tickets and creating a world-class customer experience.

Multi Service Bill Plus has been providing global, end-to-end billing and payment solutions for over 30 years, and specifically within the aviation industry.

Our expertise…

  • Management and support of B2B card programs in closed-loop networks similar to the UATP network
  • Global risk management solutions, including ownership of receivables
  • Highly-specialized customer support
  • Seamless integration with current UATP programs
  • Payment application
  • Lockbox services
  • All in your name!
Billing Software by UATP

Issuers that need a billing system for its UATP program can leverage UATP’s innovative, web-based billing system, DataStream. Multi Service Bill Plus can provide its underwriting and customer support services in conjunction with this billing platform.

How It Works with DataStream

Multi Service Bill Plus can administer UATP programs within the DataStream system and provide you the ability to receive all of the benefits of issuing a UATP card program, without operating the program or building a billing system in-house.

Here’s the general flow of each step in the process with Multi Service Bill Plus as a partner for UATP programs.