National Account Platform

National Account Platforms

We help OEMs increase aftermarket parts sales and brand loyalty by developing and managing OEM-exclusive national account billing programs.

These individual programs are designed to meet the billing and payment needs of each OEM’s fleet customers. We help OEMs connect all of their dealers into an exclusive payment network where fleets can obtain consolidated billing and guaranteed, not-to-exceed pricing for parts, tires and/or labor purchases made across the network.

Services Include

  • Underwrite accounts
  • Receivables ownership
  • Payment to dealers for transactions
  • Consolidated billing to customers
  • Collections and payment processing
  • Customer and dealer support
  • Online access and sophisticated reporting for all stakeholders
  • Integration with dealer management systems (ADP, Karmak, DSI, etc.) for POS transaction authorization, auditing and enforcement of national account pricing, and settlement of level III transaction data (connecting dealers into a “closed-loop” payment network)

Challenges with the Dealer Sales Channel Model

Each stakeholder within this model has its own unique challenges in buying or selling parts, tires and/or services.

By and large, OEMs employ a three-tiered distribution model. OEMs sell to independently-owned dealerships that, in turn, sell those same parts to fleet customers.

While this model has proven both effective and profitable, it brings with it several inherent challenges for fleets, dealers and OEMs.

Dealer Challenges


  • Inability to ensure a consistent fleet experience
  • Limited insight into fleet purchases
  • Lack of ability to guarantee parts, tires and/or labor pricing


  • Generating & distributing billing statements
  • Individual account reconciliation
  • Cash flow constraints from late payments
  • Credit risk & write-offs

Commercial Customer

  • Multiple invoices
  • Inconsistent pricing
  • Different payment terms
  • Various formats and levels of detail
  • Inability to enforce controls
  • Decentralized support
  • Cross-border purchasing

Our Solution


  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Guarantee not-to-exceed pricing
  • Consolidated billing across large, disparate merchant network
  • Drive parts sales back to dealers


  • Eliminate receivables risk
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve cash flow
  • Sell to larger, national clients

Commercial Customer

  • Guaranteed, not-to-exceed pricing on parts
  • Consolidated billing
  • Dedicated line of credit
  • Advanced purchase controls
  • Reporting of highly detailed transaction data
  • Cross-border purchasing