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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is TreviPay?

B2B companies partner with TreviPay to create better purchasing experiences. We combine eCommerce and offline sales for greater visibility into buyer behavior. TreviPay extends credit on your behalf and provides invoicing at checkout. We can configure your solution to fulfill the purchasing requirements of your buyers. TreviPay brings the ease of B2C transactions to B2B companies.

How can TreviPay help my B2B business?

TreviPay provides a dedicated credit line for your customers, so you can use working capital to fuel growth and still offer Net30 terms. TreviPay can replace expensive accounts receivable resources and systems, and doesn’t require expertise in underwriting, billing and collections. We guarantee payment which minimizes risk, improves cash flow and reduces your DSO. All invoices, phone calls and account portals with visibility to credit lines display your brand for a seamless customer experience.

What is your transaction fee?

On average, our transaction fees represent a 30% savings over credit cards. Plus, we provide a better buying experience for B2B customers. We can help you identify the true cost of your current solutions and compare it to the cost of working with TreviPay. Contact us to learn more.

How soon will my company receive payment?

You will receive guaranteed payment from TreviPay on behalf of your customer in as little as 48 hours.

How can you charge less and offer more value than credit cards?

We are experts in B2B transactions. We underwrite, bill and collect on $5 billion each year. We invest in automation, so we limit manual processes. Our scale, automation and expertise allow us to charge less and pass these savings on to you.

My customers have very specific billing requirements and reporting needs. Can your system adapt to their needs?

Yes, we provide data and rich reporting in our business intelligence tools. We can meet technical requirements to support your customers and integrate with procurement systems. We can also send electronic invoices to meet any digital invoice need.

What is your lowest credit limit and transaction size?

We offer automatic credit decisioning up to $250,000. We can extend less or more with additional information.

Will you approve all my customers?

Unfortunately, no, but we do everything we can to find a yes. We analyze every customer. Some receive automatic credit decisions, while others need manual review. We will request more information if required.

How often do you invoice my customer?

We invoice based on your agreement.

How long does it take my customers to create an account?

Using invite and sign, we route invitations through your CRM for instant onboarding. Once your customer creates an account, we can provide credit decisions in less than 30 seconds. We review accounts that are not approved and request more information if needed.

How can customers pay?

We offer many payment options including ACH, wire, direct debit, EFT, check or cash.

Who owns the receivable?


Can we decline managed services?

We own the risk of the receivable, so we always provide some level of customer service. It is possible to reduce the amount of support you receive. Remember, we are experts at A/R, and our services are white label. We answer the phone using your brand and dedicate phone numbers to your customers. We use Salesforce Service cloud to offer a best in class solution that will enhance your brand.

What happens with bad debt?

TreviPay extends credit, bills the customer and assumes responsibility for collecting. Our white label service displays your brand, but the risk remains with us. We pay you based on negotiated terms. The receivable aging, collection and bad debt assumption is TreviPay’s responsibility.

What resources do I need to get started?

You will need to appoint a program owner to manage the implementation and ongoing relationship. We also need information from accounting and IT about current and future processes.

What is the implementation timeline?

Implementation plans vary by project. We will work with you to create an efficient timeline.

Will I have a single point of contact at TreviPay?

Yes. We will assign a program manager for implementation and an account manager once TreviPay is live.

Where is the customer service and underwriting team based?

Our teams are located in Overland Park, Kansas.

Is this a factoring service?

No. TreviPay manages cash flow by accelerating payments. We end the need for working capital to finance customer credit lines. We do not buy outstanding debt.

Where can I learn more about B2B payments?

You can learn more in our B2B payments resource center.

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