What Your B2B Buyers Really Want From Payments

Improve the B2B customer experience with
alternative payment options


Buyers want options. Traditional payment methods like credit cards are common, but 50% of B2B buyers actually prefer to pay with other methods.

The bottom line: Credit cards aren’t supporting the complexities of B2B purchasing and customers are ready for a change. In fact, 57% of B2B buyers agree that vendors need to offer alternative payment methods.

Vendors need all-in-one solutions and omni-channel payment options to elevate the customer experience and establish loyal buyers. By offering a wider range of payment options that cater to buyers needs, sellers can gain a significant competitive advantage and future-proof their businesses.

In this tipsheet, you’ll find:

  • A comprehensive look at where credit cards fail B2B buyers
  • Advice for inspiring customer loyalty and elevating the purchase experience with multiple payment methods
  • An overview of Credit as a Service (CaaS) to give sellers the ultimate advantage in supporting the unique needs of B2B buyers


Without payment options that support their needs, buyer loyalties are likely to shift. Secure your place in the market with buyer-centric payment experiences inspired by the needs of real B2B buyers. 

Are you ready to enhance the payment experience for your customers? Check out our tipsheet, Credit Cards Don’t Drive Loyalty: Improve the B2B Customer Experience With Alternative Payment Options, to learn more. 




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