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MSTS Makes B2B Commerce Effortless for SMBs with Credit as a Service
Overland Park, KS, Nov. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MSTS, a global B2B payment and credit solutions provider, today announced that its innovative Credit as a Service solution is now available to mid-market and small businesses.
The original enterprise product, with a record of accelerating sales growth for companies by as much as 500 percent, has been optimized to meet the needs of businesses with simpler payment and credit processes. The cloud-based Credit as a Service solution for mid-market businesses can issue credit lines in less than a minute, automate the customer onboarding process and apply unique B2B customer invoicing, accounts payable and payment term requirements – providing customers flexibility and an enhanced experience.
“Credit as a Service is designed to streamline back-office processes for businesses with the ultimate result being that these sellers are able to grow faster,” said Brandon Spear, president of MSTS. “At the SMB level, this promise can be even more challenging, which is why we’re excited to offer these companies an enterprise-grade solution that can scale with them as they grow.”
MSTS works with B2B companies across transportation, manufacturing, retail and eCommerce. A FinTech pioneer since 1978, MSTS makes B2B commerce effortless by reducing working capital through dedicated lines of credit and underwriting services, providing alternative payment options, and more closely aligning buyers’ accounts payable and sellers’ accounts receivable departments.
MSTS’ Credit as a Service has a suite of tools to accelerate commerce, including InvoiceMe, which integrates into eCommerce platforms at checkout and provides a payment alternative to credit cards – thereby reducing transaction fees by 30 percent.
“Today’s B2B customer expects the same seamless experience found in B2C. This means eliminating the payments friction that’s historically existed in B2B,” said Spear. “Our InvoiceMe integration allows for a quick, frictionless transaction that mirrors B2C.”
The solution is configurable, too, as more advanced features can be added as needed by growing companies, such as POS integration, a variety of buyer payment options and customer AP integrations that improve loyalty with buyers. These are just some of the choices Credit as a Service customers will have to further enhance their system with MSTS’ enterprise capabilities.
To learn more about the robust Credit as a Service solution from MSTS, visit
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About MSTS:
MSTS is a financial technology company, working globally with B2B companies across transportation, manufacturing, retail and eCommerce. MSTS’ Credit as a Service solution accelerates business commerce by streamlining payments and A/R processes. On behalf of its clients, MSTS processes $5 billion in transactions per year and collects $370 million each month. MSTS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of World Fuel Services Corporation, has 40 years of experience underwriting businesses for credit and facilitates transactions for its customers in over 190 countries and territories.

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