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MSTS and Classy Llama Partner to Provide Merchants with an Alternative Payment and Credit Solution

Springfield, MO - October 30,  2019 -- Classy Llama, a full service eCommerce agency, has joined with MSTS as a partner to provide merchants an alternative payment and credit solution. MSTS is a global B2B payment and credit solution that eliminates the need for businesses to leverage their capital and back-office resources to provide credit and payment terms to customers.

Many B2B companies experience the pain of high transaction fees associated with utilizing credit cards. These companies are looking to provide easy payment options, such as real-time invoicing and 30+ day payment terms, while receiving their own settlements within 24 hours of a completed sale.

“We’re excited to partner with Classy Llama and provide companies with a robust, streamlined eCommerce experience,” said Brandon Spear, president at MSTS. “As the preferences of B2B buyers continue to evolve in a way that more closely matches a B2C shopping flow, it’s important that merchants are able to keep up and provide the desired experiences. We believe that together, we can offer a best-in-class experience for both the buyer and the merchant.”

By partnering with MSTS, Classy Llama enhances its ability to offer alternate payment solutions to current and potential clientele. Classy Llama believes that the partnership will enable businesses to create a seamless, customer centric payment experience. MSTS is a solution that eliminates pain points, providing an automated instant credit decisions, buyer onboarding, billing, customer service and more.

“More and more B2B merchants are trying to bring their existing ordering processes up to date and provide purchasers with a more self service eCommerce experience,” says Brandon Urich, Director of Solutions at Classy Llama. “B2B credit terms can be a challenging thing to streamline, however MSTS has done just that. They’ve been in the business for a long time. They know B2B payments and the needs of the sellers and buyers. We look forward to having a turn key solution that takes the complexity out of managing credit terms for our clients.”

Classy Llama’s depth of services include impressive capabilities in engineering, design, SEO, consulting, and other eCommerce needs. Now offering B2B payment solutions, powered by MSTS, Classy Llama plans to continue helping merchants effectively grow sales and increase customer retention..

About Classy Llama
Classy Llama is a full service eCommerce agency specializing in website builds, support and marketing services for online retailers. Despite the playful name, Classy Llama could not be more serious about the level of integrity, excellence, and commitment they bring to clients. Classy Llama is passionate about helping merchants leverage technology to sustainably grow and build their business. With over 150 commerce sites and 425+ customizations and integrations completed, the Classy Llama team is made of commerce veterans that have what it takes to create a great digital experience.

About MSTS

MSTS™ is a global leader in B2B payment and credit solutions, facilitating transactions for customers in more than 190 countries. InvoiceMe, an alternative payment tool within Credit as a Service® (CaaS), will allow SMBs and enterprise organizations to extend terms to customers when they are completing a purchase online. CaaS is setting the stage for the future of omni-channel B2B payments with a suite of applications to accelerate business commerce. MSTS' high-performance culture continues to be the catalyst for continued success in the ever-changing world of financial technology. 


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Springfield, MO - October 30,  2019 -- Classy Llama, a full service eCommerce agency, has joined with MSTS as a partner to provide merchants an alternative payment and credit solution.

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