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How to Win B2B Black Friday

Online sales for the 2019 holiday season are projected to jump 13%, reaching $136 billion, according to a Salesforce analysis. And, Forrester Research Inc. noted that eCommerce is predicted to see a 12.7% increase, which means digital sales could reach $138 billion.  

With such high stakes on this year’s holiday eCommerce sales, B2B retailers need to ensure they’re prepared to beat the marketplace giants on Black Friday and Cyber Week.  

B2B retailers can take advantage of Credit as a Service® from MSTS to make the most of this holiday season. This cloud-based B2B payments software enables omni-channel sales through integrations with eCommerce platforms, POS systems, legacy ERP, CRM and bank systems. Buyers can set up an account and receive instant credit decisions up to $250,000, all under 30 seconds. And, MSTS will take care of the billing and collections as well as customer service under your brand.  







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The fleet (fuel) card market saw continued growth during the past year, but headwinds are forming through fuel efficiencies and increasing alternative vehicle growth.

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MSTS had quite the year in 2019, complete with important product developments, several event appearances, and plenty of partnerships formed. With such a successful year coming to an end, we still expect 2020 to be that much better.

Product Developments

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OVERLAND PARK, Kansas, November 19, 2019 -- MSTS, a global B2B payment and credit solutions provider, today announced Watson Fuelcards, part of WFL (UK) Limited, the UK land business of World Fuel Services, ha

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SINGAPORE, October 2019 -- Every online marketplace needs a progressive ecosystem of support services to function, and choosing the right providers can be crucial to the success of a marketplace business.

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Springfield, MO - October 30,  2019 -- Classy Llama, a full service eCommerce agency, has joined with MSTS as a partner to provide merchants an alternative payment and credit solution.

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Martha Salinas is the Chief Customer Officer at MSTS, a global FinTech company in the B2B payment space, based in Kansas City with operations around the world.

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Julia Terenjuk is the co-founder and CEO of Creative Capsule. Under her leadership, Creative Capsule has experienced healthy growth and has built a reputation as a trusted provider of high-quality software development services.