InvoiceMe: Bringing Net30 to Checkout

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Onboard and Extend Terms, Instantly

InvoiceMe is an alternative payment tool within Credit as a Service® that seamlessly integrates into an eCommerce site to extend terms at checkout. In a recent study, 82% of B2B buyers would switch vendors if the another vendor offered invoicing at checkout with 30, 60 or 90 day terms. Build loyalty and improve the experience with your buyers. In under 30 seconds, buyers can set up their account and receive instant credit decisions up to $250,000.


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Increase Conversions 

Credit cards are not the preferred payment method of B2B buyers and nearly 50% of buyers will not complete a purchase online because their preferred payment method isn’t offered. Convert buyers while they're shopping online by providing alternative payment options such as invoicing, with InvoiceMe.  




Integrate Seamlessly

Make smarter business decisions and remove silos by sharing data across all sales channels with quick and easy integrations into your legacy ERP, CRM, bank, eCommerce platforms and business systems. Recently, Magento was added to the list of eCommerce integrations.  


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Developer Tool: API Documentation

Align with customer expectations by offering online payment by invoice, purchase controls, dynamic pricing and more at checkout with our new Magento integration.

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Webinar: B2B eCommerce Checkout Experience Solved

Gain perspective about the importance of purchasing online, from onboarding to transaction, and the frustrations B2B buyers have regarding checkout, among other key topics.

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Tip Sheet: Credit Cards Don't Drive Loyalty

Traditional payment methods like credit cards are common, but 50% of B2B buyers actually prefer to pay with other methods. See why in this tip sheet.

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