Format: 2020-01

By Brandon Spear

Enhancing the B2B purchasing experience isn’t just crucial for keeping current customers satisfied, it’s an essential strategy for gaining new ones.

B2B buyers are now accustomed to the simplicity and convenience of B2C purchases and expectations follow suit: More than 80% of B2B buyers agree that personal buyi...

By Dan Zimmerman

Businesses in the B2C world have invested heavily in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to influence buyer loyalty. In fact, Amazon’s recommendation algorithms  Read More

The fleet (fuel) card market saw continued growth during the past year, but headwinds are forming through fuel efficiencies and increasing alternative vehicle growth. Industry leaders are adapting in several ways, with technology and tactical policy/product changes creating potential new growth opportunities.

In a new research ...

By Brandon Spear

Online buying has derailed traditional buyer-seller relationships. In days past, B2B sellers based credit extensions on trust. Today, those extensions are often made without ever coming face-to-face—opening up a Pandora’s box of potential fraudulent activity.

In an effort to combat fraud, B2B sellers h...

Call it a tale of two payments trends.

Or: It was the best of cash flows. It was the worst of cash flows.

The payments realm is a bifurcated one, where business-to-customer payments are increasingly marked by speed, convenience and instant transactions.

The business-to-business arena stands in glaring contrast – where, as...