Bring Efficiency to a National Accounts Program with B2B Payments

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Upgrade your B2B Payments and Credit Management for National Accounts with Credit as a Service®

Manufacturers and distributors can leverage the power of Credit as a Service® (CaaS) to outsource their credit management program to preserve working capital. And, they can accelerate program growth, lower costs and increase efficiencies. MSTS will take care of collections, billing and customer service processes and guarantees payment to you in as little as two days.

Credit as a Service is a cloud-based B2B payments software that enables omni-channel sales through integrations with eCommerce platforms and POS systems. Buyers can set up an account and get instant credit decisions up to $250,000 in under 30 seconds. And, the seamless solution able to integrate into legacy ERP, CRM, bank, eCommerce platforms and business systems.

Manufacturers and distributors face many issues when trying to digitally transform, such as providing customers with transparency across all purchasing channels, combating the competition from marketplaces like Amazon, trying to scale a manual National Account Program and moving to an eCommerce payments program. Enlisting Credit as a Service can help reduce B2B payment frictions and work towards a digital transformation by enabling a seamless onboarding experience for manufacturers, helping manufacturers access reliable lines of credit, and reducing the time spent on administrative tasks like manually matching payments to invoices.


Create a Consistent Purchasing Experience

Offer contract pricing by customer to the SKU level and across 
geographies with dynamic purchasing controls.

Create Conversions with CaaS


Add Accounts Receivable Resources

Bring the manual process of matching payments to outstanding 
invoices into the digital age.

Let Customers Apply and Buy


Preserve Working Capital

Offer your customers an alternative funding option by
extending terms instead of tapping into your working capital.

Lessen the Stress




Pay by Invoice, B2B Customer's Preferred Payment Option

Research shows paying with a credit card is not the ideal payment method but it’s often the only option for online purchases. In fact, 80% would switch providers if another vendor offered invoicing online. InvoiceMe, an alternative payment tool within the CaaS solution, provides your customers the option to pay by invoice at checkout. Upgrade your B2B payment experience and increase loyalty with InvoiceMe. 



Give Dealers and End Customers Electronic Invoicing with Level 3 Data

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Offer an End-to-End Customer Experience for Dealers and Fleets

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Manage National Accounts with a Payment and Credit Solution

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Credit as a Service® is Now Available on Magento

An omni-channel experience is important to B2B buyers, which means meeting personal experience expectations online is paramount. CaaS integrates with Magento’s eCommerce platform to give dealers and end customers custom pricing, purchase controls, the option to pay by invoice online and the ability to connect to your other legacy business systems. The white label solution will strengthen and streamline your National Accounts Program while relieving the strain on internal resources and working capital.  



Indicators of a Payment and Billing System Problem

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Understanding B2B Payment Solutions as a Manufacturer

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Streamline Online Customer Invoicing and Accounts Payable Processes

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