Magento Merchants Add Net30 Terms to eCommerce Stores

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Our Credit as a Service® plug-in allows SMB and Enterprises using Magento to offer online invoicing to B2B buyers with InvoiceMe, a dynamic tool on the cutting edge of B2B payments. InvoiceMe allows B2B buyers to apply for credit and request Net30 terms for online purchases. Credit decisions take less than 30 seconds, so shoppers can apply for credit and make a purchase on the same day.

Unlike in-house credit, which carries significant risk, InvoiceMe allows Magento merchants to outsource their B2B credit management programs. MSTS provides credit to your customers, guarantees payment to you in as little as two days, and manages all billing, collections and customer service under your brand.

This simple, cloud-based integration brings traditional B2B payments processes into today’s digital world. Merchants can easily generate purchase orders and set up purchase controls to meet the needs of buyers right from their eCommerce sites. 


Enhance the Customer Experience

Extend payment terms at your eCommerce checkout
to improve a buyer's purchasing experience.

Onboard and Underwrite Instantly

Your buyers will receive automatic credit 
decisions on purchases up to $250,000.


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Reduce Cost and Risk

With a solution that's 30% less than credit cards,
eliminate bad debt with our capital and resources.


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Frustrated with billing issues, long customer onboarding processes and delayed credit approvals?


Hear how this VP of Sales uses Credit as a Service to alleviate his pain.

Remove the friction of B2B purchasing. We've merged the best of B2C eCommerce with the complex needs of B2B buyers and sellers to create a painless, efficient buying experience.


Check out how Credit as a Service’s InvoiceMe tool can help.

Are you looking to decrease expenses, reduce transaction costs and lower DSO? Is your working capital stretched thin?


Watch how this CFO uses Credit as a Service to alleviate his pain.

Developer Tool: API Documentation

Align with customer expectations by offering online payment by invoice, purchase controls, dynamic pricing and more at checkout with our new Magento integration.

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Webinar: Solving the B2B eCommerce Checkout Experience

Gain perspective about the importance of purchasing online, from onboarding to transaction, and the frustrations B2B buyers have regarding checkout, among other key topics.

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Tip Sheet: Credit as a Service Overview

In today's omni-channel world, payments aren't just about keeping the buyer/supplier happy - it's about proactively strengthening the collaboration. That's where we come in.

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