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Streamline Payments. Maximize Profits.

Throughout Europe, we offer simplified Tolls management solutions to provide transport companies complete control of their fleets as well as white label solutions for our toll and fuel card partners. 

Our toll solutions span 19 countries across Europe providing fleets with consolidated billing, online account oversight and analysis with Level III data, and a proprietary online portal allowing fleet owners to manage and order OBUs for their entire fleet. In addition, we will help negotiate additional discounts for our customers and offer an EETS certified solution to allow fleets to easily travel across Europe.

We leverage our decades of experience and position in the Tolls industry to provide white label solutions for our partners, widening their transportation portfolio. 

Our white label fuel card offering comes with 40 years of experience in fuel payment innovation; providing a turnkey fuel payment solution in Europe to promptly get you to market.  Along with a best-in-class user experience, we operate under your brand to verify purchaser eligibility at point of sale to reduce unauthorized spending, offer purchase controls and dynamic price adjustments. 

We simplify and automate back office fuel card processes enabling you to focus on your core business, maximizing sales and driving value to your end users.  Together, with our white label fuel card, you can be a one stop shop adding our solution to your transportation portfolio. 

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Your Name, Our Resources

Managing a National Accounts Program in-house is complex and requires ongoing capital outlays and large investments in resources and technology.  Accelerate the growth of your program, reduce costs and drive efficiencies with our Credit as a Service solution for manufacturers.

• Branded in your name provides a seamless customer experience.
• Preserve capital with MSTS powered credit lines.
• Instant account setup upon credit approval and integration into your ERP, CRM, or Business System.
• Dedicated payment option makes repeat purchases easy and establishes loyalty
• Dynamic pricing controls validate contract pricing by customer, to the SKU level, and across geographies.
• Dramatically reduce the time and manual processes of matching payments to outstanding invoices.

Our managed services team of professionals handle your customer service and collections to allow you to focus on your core business. Coupled with flexible allocation of risk and MSTS’ financing, you preserve capital, decrease time to sales and further reduce costs.

B2B Retail

B2B Retail

Increase your customer's purchasing power

Many B2C retailers have found a new sales channel for boosting revenue, B2B. Catering to B2B customers often requires a shift in the sales process and payment options.  Our CaaS solution allows you to provide alternative payment options to credit cards. Preserve capital with MSTS powered credit lines and extend terms to customers without compromising cash flow. 

Accelerate customers purchases. Credit approvals can be returned in under a minute, using MSTS’ automatic account setup process and smart integration technology.  Our solution will also dynamically adjust prices to comply with individual customer contracts and share data across all sales channels to provide a consistent customer experience.

Finally, retain ownership of your customers. You own the relationship, not MSTS. The credit lines are extended on your behalf and exclusive to your customers. 



An omni-channel solution to handle the complexities of B2B purchases

If maximizing your company growth while simplifying and optimizing your customer’s experience is your top priority, you’re in the right place.

Our decreased time to sales with touchless, instant onboarding and dedicated payment options make repeat purchases easy for your customers and establishes loyalty. Our automatic account setup process and smart integration technology lets your customer’s credit application go from submission to purchase in under a minute.  Create a competitive advantage by integrating the credit approval process to your sales process and CRM system and proactively extend credit lines or make adjustments before it's requested.

Finally, leverage our global experience to avoid costly missteps in heavily regulated and complicated cross-border transaction.

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