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5 Ways to Personalize your B2B eCommerce

By Brandon Spear

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Four Tips for Reducing Your DSO

By Brandon Spear

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Expert: How Smaller Merchants can Compete with Large Competitors

By Brandon Spear

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How to Impress B2B Customers with an Elevated Omni-Channel Experience

By Brandon Spear

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3 Ways Credit as a Service Unlocks E-Commerce Growth

By Brandon Spear

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OP's MSTS Finds the Sweet Spot with CaaS and Drives Big Growth

By Leslie Collins  – Staff Writer, Kansas City Business Journal | Jan 31, 2019

MSTS' new credit-as-a-service offering for small and midsize businesses is resonating in the market and helped the Overland Park company reach a new industry.

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Enterprise selling in an SMB world

Buoyed by reports of record 2018 holiday spending, analysts predict more retail growth in 2019, particularly in the evolving small and midsize business (SMB) sector. Advanced technologies have introduced SMBs to a big-brand experience and new set of challenges.

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PayThink Invoices can add cure cards' liquidity problem for small businesses

When it’s time to pay up, commercial buyers may be in for a pleasant surprise when purchasing online. The launch of Amazon’s Pay By Invoice feature last year opened the door for more flexible B2B payment schedules.

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Experience – Not Brand – Loyalty is the Next Big Thing in B2B

The expectations of B2B buyers are evolving. Today, buyers are looking for the same ease and convenience Amazon delivers for B2C transactions. Satisfying such demand, however, isn’t as simple as developing an online presence.

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Listen Up: Best PYMNTS Podcasts of 2018

Don’t think of them as mere podcasts — though PYMNTS certainly does a lot of podcasts, discussing with payments and commerce experts the hottest topics of the day, with each conversation not only digging into the past and present but having an outlook toward the future.

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Navigating the Complexities of Managing B2B Credit and Payments Operations for National Account Programs

Most businesses have a natural aversion to risk, experience resource constraints and often a need to cater to customers who use disparate merchant networks. This poses a tremendous challenge to scalability. As demand shifts towards adopting seamless, frictionless digital payments, the need to differentiate using a consumer-like, ubiquitous customer experience becomes paramount.

Managing a National Accounts Program in-house is extremely complex, requiring ongoing capital outlays, large investments in resources and technology to provide a seamless customer experience. Leveraging MSTS’ Credit as a Service (CaaS) solution can accelerate the growth of a program while reducing costs, driving efficiencies and increasing customer loyalty.

CaaS attempts to fill a void in the market for manufacturers who would like to outsource and automate certain aspects of B2B credit and payments with a digital solution. A Fortune 500 manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, with a global presence, currently uses CaaS to provide consistency to its end customers. The solution includes dynamic pricing controls to validate contract pricing to the SKU level and integrates with its ERP systems to automate reconciliation. To end users, the process is seamless because a branded managed services team of professionals handles customer service and collections on behalf of the manufacturer.

There are four other ways to improve efficiencies and effectively globalize B2B credit and payments systems: 

Add Omnichannel Capabilities

Omnichannel has become a major trend, and an expectation of consumers. Today, consumers expect to be able to access their favorite brands via mobile, web, retail and any new touchpoint that emerges. B2B customers are no different. Like B2C, B2B customers want flexibility in selecting and paying for inventory and receiving service.

According to a 2017 Forrester Research report,  the most successful B2B companies will prioritize their buyers' experience across channels, focusing on creating more omnichannel customers.

In addition to omnichannel access, business customers also want pricing levels, credit, terms and invoicing customization that meets their needs. Companies that deliver this as part of their B2B offering will deepen customer relationships and increase loyalty to peak levels.


Written for Canadian Equipment Finance

Read the full article in the Summer issue of Canadian Equipment Finance