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MSTS Tolls Unveils New Eurovignette Payment Solution

Rijswijk, The NetherlandsNov. 6, 2017 - MSTS Tolls unveils a new Eurovignette Split Payment Solution designed specifically for European Fleets. This offering provides customers with an opportunity to split their payments for yearly Eurovignettes into 10 periods.

Trucks with a minimum total weight of 12 metric tons are required to have a registered Eurovignette as a toll payment on motorways in the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark and Sweden. The Eurovignette is ordered for a period of one day to one year. For companies with a large fleet purchasing the yearly Eurovignette for all their trucks at once, often becomes a financial burden and creates cash flow problems.

The operational and financial aspects of managing a fleet of trucks is a constant strain for trucking companies. “To help alleviate the pressure of managing Eurovinettes and the financial burden, we developed the first Eurovignette Split Payment solution,” said Inez Berkhof, Managing Director of Multi Service. “For 20 years we have been providing fleets with payment solutions and management tools for a complicated European tolls system, and we are excited to add this solution to our suite offerings.”

The solution was beta tested by a small group of Multi Service Tolls customers. The feedback from those fleets and Van der Wal Transport B.V. a fleet with 100 trucks has been very positive. “The Eurovignette Split Payment keeps our costs consistent month over month. By avoiding spikes in capital allocation, allows us better controls on our finances and provide more accurate reporting,” said Jan Verschoor, Manager Business Support at Van der Wal Transport B.V. “The customer portal is very user-friendly and we can manage (order and stop) services throughout the year.”

MSTS Tolls integrates the new solution to the online MyTolls platform to help customers manage all their tolls products efficiently. The self-service features offer greater flexibility to customers to order, renew and manage Eurovignettes for the entire fleet.

About MSTS Tolls

Founded in 1987, MSTS Tolls is a leading European tolls payment solutions provider and an authorized dealer for Eurovignettes. The company simplifies the complexity of the tolls landscape in 20 countries for its customers by using an innovative technological approach. MSTS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of World Fuel Services, a fortune 100 company that specializes in the supply, logistics and financing of transportation fuels and energy products and related services. MSTS is based in Overland Park, Kan. with offices in the Netherlands, Australia, and Mexico.

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New Service Disrupts Global Credit Industry, Accelerates Global B2B Commerce
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OVERLAND PARK, Kan., May 1, 2018 -- MSTS, a global B2B payment and credit solutions provider, today announced that SVP of Americas and Global Accounts, Martha Salinas has been named to the Commercial Payments International (CPI) Global Advisory Board.  Hannah Winans, MSTS Program

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Company continues to accelerate business commerce with seamless global payments and local market expertise.

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The creation of digital data doubles each year and is expected to continue through 2020. Within this vast array of data are pieces of information that, when combined, offer insights into the viability of a company that can’t be found through traditional methods.

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Suppliers are now able to extend revolving lines of credit to their business buyers without any risk, overhead or cash flow concerns.

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Overland Park, KS, January 4, 2018 – MSTS has been accepted as a member of BiTA, the Blockchain in Transport Alliance, to aid in the creation of benchmark standards and begin to extract the full potential of the technology in the transportation industry.

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