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How Can CaaS Help Me as eCommerce Director?

Part 1 of our 3-part series about How CaaS Can Help.

In a customer-first market, the B2B eCommerce experience should be the same as B2C. Why? B2B buyers increasingly desire convenience and accessibility. Think about it – all B2B buyers have B2C relationships punctuated by easy transactions and some degree of personalization. Expectations, shaped by superior B2C buying experiences, don’t change when purchasing for work. 

The B2B market spends twice as much as B2C, and B2B eCommerce is no longer in its infancy. Despite this, B2B customer experiences still pale in comparison to B2C. Put simply, B2B eCommerce directors must make purchasing online easy, leading with customer needs. By keeping customer experience at the forefront, SMBs will attract loyal customers and build brand advocates. 

Ensuring customers can purchase how and when they want is critical. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

Offer invoicing at online checkout
Provide dynamic, personalized pricing
Extend trade credit quickly
Allow purchase controls
Establish a seamless omni-channel journey

Credit as a Service® (CaaS) is an off the shelf payments solution that can help you improve the online buying experience for your B2B customers, with minimal development requirements. CaaS' suite of tools allows B2B sellers to preserve working capital, mitigate risk and provide buyers Net30 terms when buying online. The growing role of electronic transactions in B2B sales is up to 69.7%, so sooner or later, all SMBs will need to re-evaluate their payments processes.

Ready for Credit as a Service to help you? Contact us.

While you wait, get more information in the CaaS Tip Sheet or watch this video below. 


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Inez Berkof-Hollander is the VP of EMEA at MSTS. She spearheads leading MSTS into new geographic markets, developing the product portfolio and launching a state-of-the-art IT portal.

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B2B buyers are experiencing challenges when it comes to the purchasing experience and now, they’re speaking up.  Recently, we surveyed 300 B2B buyers about their roadblocks, expectations and goals as they relate to the checkout experience.

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The B2B payments space continues to change and grow, which can make it overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to choosing a solution to best facilitate the process.

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The B2B eCommerce space is predicted to reach $1.8 trillion by 2023, which begs the question, why is the digital checkout experience for B2B buyers still so antiquated?

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OVERLAND PARK, Kansas, July 9, 2019 -- MSTS, a global B2B payment and credit solutions provider, and SCHERMER, a global B2B marketing agency today announced their 4Business