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WEBINAR: Solving the B2B Ecommerce Checkout Experience

The B2BecNews research and editorial staff will share highlights from its annual B2B Buyer Surveys via an interview-style format with consumer insights analyst, Laura Freedman. From the number of B2B ecommerce sites surveyed to the people involved in the buying decision, we will explore what’s important to buyers in the B2B online purchasing experience. Webinar attendees will gain perspective about the importance of purchasing online, from onboarding to transaction, and the frustrations B2B buyers have regarding checkout, among other key topics.

The webinar will also feature a leading payments industry expert who will discuss the latest trends in B2B payments, including growth in the number of payment options for international as well as domestic ecommerce, how to make multiple B2B payments more “buyer-friendly,” and the importance of using artificial intelligence and multiple data sources to quickly determine an online buyer’s creditworthiness and risk level.

Didn't get a chance to see the webinar live? Check it out below.


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