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Brandon Spear on CaaS: ‘Find a way to solve payments pain points and you’ll create a real advocate inside a business’

With Brandon Spear

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How Tech Gives SMBs the Confidence to Go Up Against Goliaths

By Brandon Spear

For small and midsize businesses (SMBs), competing against big-name brands can seem difficult, if not impossible. Numerous advantages, including greater brand recognition and larger budgets, often stack the deck against SMBs.

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5 Ways to Personalize your B2B eCommerce

By Brandon Spear

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Four Tips for Reducing Your DSO

By Brandon Spear

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Expert: How Smaller Merchants can Compete with Large Competitors

By Brandon Spear

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How to Impress B2B Customers with an Elevated Omni-Channel Experience

By Brandon Spear

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3 Ways Credit as a Service Unlocks E-Commerce Growth

By Brandon Spear

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OP's MSTS Finds the Sweet Spot with CaaS and Drives Big Growth

By Leslie Collins  – Staff Writer, Kansas City Business Journal | Jan 31, 2019

MSTS' new credit-as-a-service offering for small and midsize businesses is resonating in the market and helped the Overland Park company reach a new industry.

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Enterprise selling in an SMB world

Buoyed by reports of record 2018 holiday spending, analysts predict more retail growth in 2019, particularly in the evolving small and midsize business (SMB) sector. Advanced technologies have introduced SMBs to a big-brand experience and new set of challenges.

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PayThink Invoices can add cure cards' liquidity problem for small businesses

When it’s time to pay up, commercial buyers may be in for a pleasant surprise when purchasing online. The launch of Amazon’s Pay By Invoice feature last year opened the door for more flexible B2B payment schedules.

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B2B E-Commerce Expert Brandon Spear Shares Trends Impacting the Industry Going into 2019

Today’s business world is one of rampant change. While technology is driving much of this disruption, evolving customer expectations are dramatically altering the face of the financial services, payments and fintech industries.

As we move through the second half of 2018 and into 2019, B2B e-commerce expert Brandon Spear, president of MSTS, a global B2B payment and credit solutions provider, shares with  PaymentsJournal readers several insights and perspectives he believes will impact fintech in the near future.

What do you see as the leading fintech trend this year?

The leading trend is clearly the “Amazon effect”. With 100 million Amazon Prime members, a strong foothold into the smart speaker category and a deservedly solid reputation for customer service, what industry isn’t impacted by the “Amazon effect?” With reports saying the company is talking to banks about Amazon-branded checking accounts, financial services institutions and the payments industry are the newest members of the B2C ecosystem that are worried about Amazon. Millions of people already trust Amazon to facilitate their payments, so it is only natural to wonder whether Amazon is a large enough community that it does not need traditional credit cards at all. Could we see a credit card that works exclusively at Amazon?


How will the B2B market be impacted in the coming months?

You’ll see more “consumerization” of B2B purchasing in the next 6-18 months. Every employee is a consumer, and as many of them – particularly Millennials – hit the workforce, they are wondering why B2B purchasing is so complicated. While it’s true that B2B purchases are more complex than B2C purchases, with more approvals and procedures that need to be followed, this is not an acceptable excuse to not make the experience as frictionless as possible. In 2018, many payment and fintech companies are working hard to meet this challenge, though few have been able to produce a true consumer-like experience for business customers.


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