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White-Label European Tolls and Fuel Card

MSTS Tolls offers a comprehensive European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) solution and white label fuel payment technology, leveraging the power of Credit as a Service® to streamline toll and fuel payments, OBU management, and seamless travel across Europe.

White-Label European Tolls

Stay EETS Compliant on Toll Roads in Europe

European tolls are complicated and require multiple onboard units (OBUs) in each HGV. MSTS leveraged CaaS to create a white label solution that streamlines tolls management with backend payment processing, allowing fleet operators to focus on scaling their businesses and moving freight efficiently. As an EETS provider, MSTS offers customizable payment solutions to support transportation across 20 toll domains.

Make Toll Payments Painless

Make Toll Payments Painless

Reduce pesky administrative tasks with our white-label tolls solution that offers consolidated invoice billing, guarantees payments and gives access to our proprietary online portal. You’ll have access to a dedicated account manager to navigate payment complexities along the way.

Gain Visibility Into Fleet Data

Gain Visibility Into Fleet Data

Give fleet managers confidence that trucks are compliant with real-time tracking and data capture, including visibility down to individual transactions.

Reduce the Number of OBUs

Reduce the Number of OBUs

Simplify tolls management with an EETS-compliant solution that requires only one OBU, covering multiple toll domains (motorways, tunnels, bridges and more) in a single invoice.


Easily scale and let us manage the administrative burden of European toll roads.


Make informed business decisions with real-time fleet insights.


Travel effortlessly throughout Europe with solutions across 20 domains.

Fuel Payment Technology

With over 40 years’ experience in fuel cards this platform was built by industry experts, for industry experts. Oil companies, fuel card issuers/resellers and mobility solution providers leverage Credit as a Service® to expand fuel networks for fleets and streamline fuel payments with our headless technology and centralized billing. We import data from multiple fuel card issuers and consolidate invoicing, allowing you to maximize margin per customer. Our back-office services operate under your brand to underwrite, collect payments and offer customer support on your behalf.

Stay EETS Compliant on Toll Roads in Europe

Consolidate Billing and Maximize Margins

With our central billing engine and payment issuing system, receive consolidated billing to save administrative time and review simple invoices no matter where the transaction originates. We’ll also evaluate each transaction and apply pricing based on client specific rules to maximize margins. 

Outsource Fuel Payment Management

Under your brand, our team will provide customer support, underwrite and collect payments. We’ll also provide customer insights and analysis through integrations into your CRM and ERP systems for seamless data importing and onboarding.  

Offer Physical and Digital Fuel Cards

Drivers can have connected experience no matter where they are with instant card issue technology. Fleet managers can send a virtual card instantaneously so drivers can fuel immediately. Don’t slow transportation with 3-7 day waiting periods on physical fuel cards.

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