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Business Line of Credit for Manufacturers and Distributors

Improve cash flow and onboarding processes with an order-to-cash solution like Credit as a Service® .

Order to cash process for business line of credit

Accelerate Order To Cash With Credit as a Service

Manufacturers and distributors are in the midst of digital transformation, from improving the manufacturing process to facing pressure to meet buyer expectations of personalization, speed and convenience. Simultaneously, manufacturers transitioning to direct-to-customer models are struggling to support the influx of customer purchasing.

CaaS facilitates order-to-cash processes that take credit management, back-end A/R tasks and business intelligence into the digital world for you — increasing working capital, offloading risk and accelerating credit approval. Download our whitepaper to learn how the payment processes hindering your success.

Reduce DSO With Digital A/R Processes

Reduce DSO With Digital A/R Processes

Manage an influx of cash flow with CaaS features like guaranteed payment in 2, 7, 14 or 30 days, outsourced collections and managed accounts receivable activities.

Upgrade order to cash

Upgrade the Onboarding Experience

Alleviate manual onboarding pain like time-consuming data entry, processing credit applications, underwriting and paper-based invoicing with an omni-channel digital solution that supports a consistent experience across all channels.

Increase Share of Wallet

Increase Share of Wallet

Gain visibility into purchasing data across all sales channels with CaaS, and use business intelligence insights to increase customer share of wallet and average order volume.


Scale operations with automated, efficient A/R processes.


Relieve onboarding friction by eliminating time-consuming, error-prone manual tasks.


Boost customer share of wallet with order-to-cash automation and integrations.

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