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Improve Accounts Receivable Management

Gain accounts receivable efficiencies and improve working capital management when you add Credit as a Service® to your financial toolbox.

Accounts Receivable Management With Net Terms

Reduce Back-Office Expenses and Increase Cash Flow With Credit as a Service

You shouldn’t have to deal with time-consuming, day-to-day A/R tasks. Let us handle the underwriting, credit lines, onboarding, collections, invoicing requirements and more. We even extend terms on your behalf, freeing up your working capital and offloading risk.

Trapped Working Capital

Free Up Working Capital

Working capital constraints stall business growth. Improve working capital management with back-office A/R automation and lean on our capital so you can reinvest yours back into your business and reduce risk.

Inefficient A/R Teams

Reduce Strain on A/R Resources

It takes most A/R teams over three days to underwrite and onboard a client. We evaluate and approve credit and meet invoicing requirements for you — and our customer support team handles all collections and customer disputes.

Rising DSO

Improve Cash Flow Management

Rather than waiting to collect invoices, with CaaS you can get paid in 2, 7, 14 or 30 days, and dramatically increase cash flow and improve DSO.


Risk-free capital extended on your behalf.

Desktop Checkmark

Automated credit decisions in under 30 seconds, up to $250k.


Reimbursement on your terms with fees 30% less than credit cards.

Request a Demo

Improve your bottom line and increase your cash flow. Request a Credit as a Service demo today.