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Credit Management and Net Terms Made Easy

CaaS is a credit management and accounts receivable solution that extends risk-free credit and automates A/R, under your brand. We help B2B companies grow, across the globe.

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Boosting B2B Commerce With Net Terms

For B2B organizations, rising DSO (days sales outstanding), decreased working capital, over-taxed sales teams and limited resources inhibit top line growth, and increase expenses and operating costs. Credit as a Service ® addresses these challenges by offering a credit management solution that extends Net30 terms to your customers, while providing outsourced, reliable A/R automation and support. See how it works.

Strained Working Capital & Back Office Resources

CaaS reduces overall A/R costs by determining the creditworthiness of a potential customer in under 30 seconds, and handling tasks like invoicing, cash application, disputes and collections — decreasing billing error rates to less than 2%.

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Higher Sales Goals & Customer Expectations

Keep business operations ahead of the curve with fast onboarding and business intelligence tools that lead to increased revenue, purchasing power and average order volume (AOV). We will also assign a Customer Success Manager to work alongside you and help grow your business.


Complex and Friction-Filled Purchasing

Get support on purchasing across channels, remove friction from the payment process with smart integrations, and meet customer invoicing requirements and preferred payment options, like online invoices and net terms.

Easy Purchasing

Clients We Serve

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Credit Options




Purchasing Across
Sales Channels

How It Works

Credit as a Service extends risk-free credit and flexible payment terms to remove friction from the B2B purchasing experience.

Sellers Onboard Buyers


Sellers can invite buyers to the portal with the click of a button. They can pre-populate customer invites by integrating CaaS into their existing CRM.

Buyer Completes Credit Application


Once invited, buyers receive and complete a secure, straightforward credit application that requires no banking information.

Buyers Receive Automated Approval


Buyers receive credit decisions in less than 30 seconds (on requests up to $250,000), with a 74% automatic approval rate. Our team of credit analysts and underwriters review accounts as needed.

Buyers Set Up Account


Once approved, buyers receive step-by-step guidance for setting up their accounts. They are also given the option to integrate Credit as a Service with their A/P systems.

Seller offers Custom Pricing and Purchase Controls


Sellers have the ability to improve relationships with B2B buyers by providing pre-negotiated, dynamic pricing and role-based purchase controls.

Buyers Complete Transactions Across Channels


Buyers complete transactions where they prefer — such as online, over the phone or pay by invoice. Buyer-specific APIs streamline the checkout experience by incorporating order numbers and invoice notes.

Sellers Receive Payment


MSTS pays sellers in 2, 7, 14 or 30 days, with transaction fees that cost 30% less than standard credit card fees.

Buyer Receives Invoice


Our credit management solution is white labeled, from customer support to collections. Invoices are delivered to the client in their preferred manner and meet all of their invoicing requirements (PO numbers, level 3 data, etc.).

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3.3M Invoices per Year with 26M Line Items


$500M per Month in Collections


$6 Billion in Transactions Annually


~480k Payments Processed Annually

CaaS Features

Consolidated Invoicing

Do your buyers prefer to receive multiple invoices at one time? Consolidated invoicing is available with Credit as a Service. Streamline repeat purchases and simplify billing for your B2B buyers.

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Disputes Made Easy

No buyer or seller wants to deal with a dispute, but they’re inevitable. We’ve created a robust, transparent dispute center to make them much less of a headache. Once a dispute is raised, CaaS will provide enough time to find a win-win resolution before the buyer gets a chargeback. Ask us to show you in a custom demo.

Internationally Compliant

Conducting business across the globe is challenging. Each country may have unique invoice requirements from various taxes to payment types to languages. The development team has worked hard to make international business easy with Credit as a Service. We have VAT compliant invoices, unique fields for country by country requirements as well as invoices in six languages and five currencies. We continue to expand our geographic reach every day to adhere to our brand promise – to help business grow.

Discover Credit as a Service by Role

Discover CaaS by Role

Better credit management solutions improve customer experiences and boost sales — affecting the success of every team. Explore how CaaS applies to your role.

How Credit as a Service Supports Your Industry

How CaaS Helps Your Industry

B2B commerce pain points like streamlining A/R, reducing DSO and freeing up sales teams are top of mind, no matter your industry.

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