Connect your B2B E-Commerce Ecosystem with Credit and Underwriting

Connect your B2B E-Commerce Ecosystem with Credit and Underwriting

Connect your B2B E-Commerce Ecosystem with Credit and Underwriting

Inspiring loyalty, vast operational efficiencies and unparalleled profitability across B2B E-Commerce environments

Today, there’s a strong market demand for turnkey B2B payment systems as large companies struggle to create a seamless payment experience for their customers. Even those offering an easy payment option for their consumers often lag when it comes to B2B transactions.

MSTS’s mission is to help clients offer the same online convenience and experience to their B2B customers. After all, that’s what consumers expect, and B2B buyers are consumers too.

The Beauty of Seamless and ‘Sticky’ B2B Payment Systems

Consumers are use to the convenience of online buying. Two-day delivery is easier than driving to the store. But up until now, B2B customers haven’t enjoyed the same ease or convenience, especially when it comes to paying their business partners or receiving credit.

That’s changing though, with MSTS’s Bill Plus Solution — a seamless payment system replete with credit that makes the relationship stickier. Their products meet an urgent market need for frictionless payments and credit.

The Bill Plus Solution: Credit and Underwriting That Connects Your B2B E-Commerce Ecosystem

MSTS’s primary offering, Bill Plus, helps businesses facilitate and manage term-based transactions with their business partners. Businesses want to access a line of credit because it allows them to manage their cash flow. Meanwhile, sellers want to offer credit because it makes their services stickier and creates loyalty.

With credit cards charging an average of 3-4% per transaction, using this type of credit can be cost-prohibitive and unappealing. The market demands a partner that can offer credit in a seamless manner, and at a lower cost. The problem is that issuing extended terms to buyers is fraught with overhead and risk. Fraud, bad debt, delayed cashflow, and staffing a team to manage billing, payment, and collections can nearly erase the benefits.  In addition, the onboarding process to offer credit can be onerous and full of friction for the buyer.

As a result, MSTS developed Bill Plus, a regulatory compliant service that offers seamless onboarding, along with fraud protection and credit checks. The process is so streamlined that one company recently went from application to spending in under four minutes — at a fraction of the cost.

Premium brands from Best Buy to Paccar and Red Wing to GM have partnered with MSTS to provide their customers a convenient terms option and grow their B2B business.

Price Verification: Building National Account Programs

MSTS also provides customers with the ability to instantly and efficiently extend credit to businesses, and works with them to evaluate and support opportunities that require underwriting. Bill Plus offers price verification services via national account programs that ensure customers can receive guaranteed, discount rates with partners and dealers without having to manage a single transaction. This unique and flexible approach to supporting customers takes the pain of managing pricing and invoicing away, so they can focus on driving revenue and profitability.

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